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We have designers and graphics artists available for HIRE or BESPOKE WORK

Landis Media Ltd - undertakes significant design work for a wide range of clients. A specific part of that work involves assembling digital and conventional artwork. Perhaps you need some attention grabbing design work for a TRADE SHOW ? Or you need some significant images to use for your WEBSITE ?

That's why we try to help our clients brand across their websites, print and advertising media. These days so much is digitally led - that trying to ensure that colour schemes, artwork, logos and messages are consistent can be tricky.

Established business cannot undergo radical change very often and it wouldn't be advisable. We therefore provide the different elements of a "total service" to our clients. So if you need some pictures or artwork modelled, a photo "enhanced" or "airbrushed", some posters designed, documents printed, website created, fundraising or events organised - then contact us.

We provide an affordable range of design services

What we do is over time - help a business to tighten up and polish their customer facing and internal design and presentations. This could be as simple as making sure the website, posters and leaflets use the same logo's , font and colour schemes - or all the way to an interactive iPAD demonstration for a conference to wow their customers !

H.O.Russhawk - Area Manager - Railtrack

it was any managers nightmare - a big trade event and the network provided wasn't fast enough to show our website, products or videos. We had a great concept - an "ibar" with our clients sipping a complementary cappuccino whilst browsing our products on an iPad we provide. Not one of the 20 iPad's would show anything without long waits and video was simply out. We called up Landis in desperation - they were genuinely amazing ! Over the weekend they made an iPad app which would show local contents from the iPad. Everything ran smoothly and we even had the edge over the competition - their stuff just wouldn't work because of the slow network.

Design or Technical issues you can't solve - call us up !

We thrive on the challenge of this varied work and can come up with some pretty good solutions - with a lot of specialists here who have helped design events, trade shows and conferences. If you need some help setting up a stall or display and need some input and help - call us up.

Our hourly and day rates are very reasonable and we understand the need for business to source cost effective materials. The example above is just one example of how we can help - if you have a simple design or print task - through to creating interactive demo's and simulators - please call.

You can click the button to send us a message using our secure messaging system, or call us on 0792 0056 333 to book



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