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iPad & iPhone - Mobile/Smartphone Websites

have you setup your websites for Smartphone/mobile users ?

If you haven't yet moved to a part of your site specially setup to recognise and display content and purchasing for mobile devices - then just take a look at this statistic.

Last Year - 16 to 28 year olds spent more time using a Smartphone or mobile device on the internet than time spent watching TV. This is expected to rise year on year.

Many business realise the power of mobile/Smartphone consumer - with people trading up their old mobiles for Smartphone's - soon they will be standard/ This means you need to be ready for the huge mobile wave of use, sales and information that customer will; expect. How can you hope to cope with such a big shift - when you had only just got to grips with websites ? Clearly your strategy on marketing and web - should be looking at taking advantage of this - but how ?

"I don't want to spend a fortune or waste money on some new fad !"

We do hear this a lot - its hard to judge as a business when something fundamentally shifts - or is it just new techno-babble. Certainly developing an Application for an iPad or iPhone can be useful and effective and is one approach. Applications for the iFamily - tend to be highly targeted, tending campaigns. There is a limited lifespan to the materials and you need to have contents that fits well into an App and is useful. The costs are also significant and will deter a number of business with smaller budgets. However we have a cost effective alternative - which will definitely be a benefit and importantly get you ready for the mobile web user revolution. 

Instead of developing a specific "Apps" - why not convert your current website and get it to work with mobiles ? That way you have the content already there, images, text and its all been checked and you know it works. There will be some bits that need adjusting, like layouts and formats - however the bulk can be re-used straight. Avoid expensive r-rework and creation of new content and all the checking that necessitates. Our tools allow you to very quickly have goof Smartphone / mobile web pages up and running - with pictures, dropdowns and full jscript support.

We can also specifically style your contents in an "app like way" - with checkouts, payments, shopping, carts and locations all looking like similar to an "app" on screen.

Why don't you take a look at our iPhone app website demo area ? Just point your apple device to www.protourapp.com and of course - if you have a standard PC and web browser - then you can look at it just as well on that ! Of course you wont be able to see how good the site looks on a small and limited screen device (using a standard pc and browser) - but the contents can be checked and more importantly indexed by search engines

get your WebPages all modernised and optimised for mobiles

Using this approach all your content are enhanced for mobile, indexed and used just like standard web pages. Even better as new phone device come along - you won't need to keep altering the site - just a few CSS updates can take care of that.

So if you fancy getting into the iGeneration - but don't have the right product or want to invest huge time and costs in "apps" - why not take the more cost effective route and convert your current site and contents for mobiles ?

How does this all work ?

We have access to a special "web kit framework" which allows WebPages to be created specially to use on mobile devices like the iPhone and Blackberry. This lets people really use a web-page and its facilities. Instead of having to scroll around and zoom into tiny parts of the page (like looking through a letter box) you can now really see the whole page setup for the screen.

We have some demonstration of this if you have an iPhone - take a look at www.protourapp.com/map.html on your phone.

let your customers do all these things on the move:
book an appointment for relaxation therapy
get a map so they can find your stores or offices
reserve a table near the window on Wednesday evening
buy some tickets to the show tonight
book a golf lesson for tomorrow with a members discount
order some facial scrub and sandalwood soap

The great thing about all of this is that its still useable with all types of web browser and phone but looks best on the iPhone. It has its own styling and so tries to emulate the iPhone style all the way through. This can give the user the impression that they are using native iPhone contents.

Why not talk to use about iPhone and iPad Apps now ?

Because the choices you make for your website effect the whole of your business, you need to make sure you get it right. That's why we have a free, no-obligation session with one of our designers to get you started. They will go through a structured discussion so that by the end you will understand what you need. They will explore your ideas, inspirations and key business messages.

You can click the button to send us a message using our secure messaging system, or call us on 0792 0056 333 to book


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