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iPad and iPhone Apps

We have skilled designers and programmers who can create great iPad and iPhone Apps - on of our latest releases is called proTOUR LITE - a development of our proTOUR application for caravan and motor home owners

This iPad and iPhone app - allows Caravan and Motor home users to set the Height, Weight and Width of their vehicle to help them spot and avoid narrow roads, bridges and other restrictions. IT also allows them full search and filtering - from the map, postcode, their own location or an alphabetical index search. They can filter the campsites based on the various facilities they require. There is am option to only se certain types of sites, members only and open sites. Plus the Google maps allow a real world view of the site roads - before travelling to the cap site.

Any problems spotted can be reported live from the app - and feedback is then dealt with quickly. The app also ha the capability to generate in app purchases allowing micro payments and upgrades. Finally there is the obvious way it can be linked through to the web - with the ability to click and then book a site places all from the app.

there are clearly a lot of existing and worthwhile developments happening in this area. If you have an app idea or project then why not get in contact with us ? We could help that dream become a reality as we work on a number of different projects for out clients.

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