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GIS / Transport

We offer Point Of Interest (POI) services and data retailing

Landis Media Ltd - is a leading UK provider of data services to retail and business. As well as developing solutions for a client base in Fleet and Transport sectors. We provide a number of organisations with POI data for distribution to their customers for use on satnav's e.g. BP services, National Trust Locations etc.

would you like to have your shops / locations on leading satnav's ?
we provide a service which puts a business or organisations locations onto all leading satnav brands (tomtom, garmin, iPHONE, mio). This mean your customer can easily find your locations and contact details. This is a complete service a very popular as its also cost effective - CLICK FOR MORE

We operate the leading websites which supply this data for free to satnav users - running the sites WWW.TOMTOMFREE.COM  and WWW.GARMINFREE.COM Anyone using the service mentioned above has their locations added to this database to help distribute it as widely as possible.

Mainstream - affordable GIS Solutions

Do you have a need for cost effective solution to a transport or field worker problem ?

GIS has hit the mainstream now - which means solutions that were only within the budget range of large multinationals have now become entry level. We have delivered in the past 5 years numerous custom projects to clients, using off the shelf resources and some know how.

Our USP is that we have in-house the experts who will assemble a solution as well as the data/map expertise to build the underlying GIS data required. Instead of a large cumbersome and costly project involving device suppliers, software suppliers, project managers and data map suppliers (and you as a client managing all that !) - you deal with just one company.

Work has ranges from helping haulage firm to direct their trucks safely to UK depots, ensure road sweepers follow the same effective routes and helping telecom and electricity field workers to easily find masts and tap points ... Why not call us if you have a specific problem and see if there's a quick and cost effective solution ?

Need some GIS expertise for a project ?

On demand expertise in all aspects of data, mapping or devices

As a leading UK provider of GIS solutions we often are involved in a range of different GIS project and programmes. Providing interim resources to supplement teams, assisting in specific areas of large infrastructure programme like road use charging, congestion, cross rail etc.

If you need some GIS expertise - solution architects, data domain experts, or project leads - then you should give us a call.



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