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Simplified Admin

Landis Media understand the challenges facing small business owners and can help

we have the experience, understanding and know how to focus on helping small owner run and start-up business's to work a lot smarter. We know that the main challenges are around admin and the time it takes, as well as the fact that as you grow - you the owner become the "bottleneck". 

do these sound like the simple things you want to do  ?
A simple web-shop that anyone can stock ?
printing labels without "manually copying" from a source system ?
easy to use mailing lists and newsletters to contact your customers ?
vouchers and printed offers your customers can use online ?
online booking system so anyone can make an appointment ?
using temp staff for admin help because your systems are so easy to use ?
freeing up your time from 'doing' all the things above - which gives you an extra day a week or more to develop the business !

We help local firms sort out all the things mentioned above and more. Often admin systems are setup which start off simply and work when you have just 50 customers - but become very inefficient when you have 500 !  The excel spreadsheet has a lot to answer for ! Its a wonderful tool and is enormously helpful - its not however a robust, efficient or scalable solution. Very labour intensive solutions like this quickly become accepted practice in your business and you never have the time, inclination or energy to investigate alternatives. 

 What we bring is the expertise of having helped many small business move on from these "sticky tape" systems - to proper integrated and robust methods. This frees up staff time and also more importantly your time. This is of course an important part of the business cycle and putting the correct foundations in place for front and back office is part of moving top the next stage.

Nobody was still using Microsoft Excel to manage their invoice, customer or order details - when they sold their Million Pound Plus company !   

Why not try a FREE Session with a designer ?

Because the choices you make for your website effect the whole of your business, you need to make sure you get it right. That's why we have a free, no-obligation session with a designer to get you started. They will go through a structured discussion so that by the end you will understand what you need. They will explore your ideas, inspirations and key business messages.

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