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We help CUSTOMERS with every aspect of their sites - just look at the DEMO below

Landis Media Ltd - develop websites for a wide range of clients. One of the key requirements is to quickly get the message about a website across without making people read a lot. You need to make sure people "get it" without having to trawl through wordage.

So that's why we break sites into chunk, have moving banners, expander bosses and so forth. However a very effective technique is to have a 5 image merged slideshow as it can appear right away, works on web and mobile devices and doesn't need oodles of time to load (unlike video). So the MISSION is to ensure that any visitor will quickly get the message and impression about the site.

So they come to the suite, see some very high end graphics and images, with strap lines - not too much (so they don't feel bored) and not too little. After watching for 30 seconds they know what the site does what they want and also what it does and doesn't do.

Why not try this for YOURSELF in our quick 30 second CHALLENGE ?

At the moment you know nothing about the website or business below, just click the link and watch for 30 seconds and then come back here. We guarantee that you will be interested, think its a nice place and shop and will know what it does. Then think how nice it would be for your BUSINESS to be able to do the same ? Would you like to INFORM a casual visit about your offerings within 30 seconds ?

Click the large image below or use the link  http://www.jilllawrieinteriors.co.uk/ website - then come back and read on.


Are you convinced yet ? Do you know what Jill Lawrie does and has to offer ?

We are sure that you know all about Jill's store from just those 30 seconds. She runs a very high end paper and fabric studio, offering a shop, studio, consulting and will essentially create a lovely living space for you !

Importantly the images have been "enhanced" to grab your attention, we merge them together as they move, you can control the slider if you want (say they move too fast) and you also have the strap lines to give an interpretation of what you see. These all blend together to have a powerful effect - if you need nice fabric or wallpaper then you have found the right place.

o its true a lot of budget and effort goes into that opening page and slideshow, however once it performed its role and convinced you - the remainder of the website doesn't need to be very complex. We can write a lot about the theory but the gist is this:

People visit sites for many reasons, but by grabbing them and impressing them about what you do, you don't then have to keep doing it. as long as the information pages are clean and tidy - you have put the spend where's its needed, like a newspaper front page.

Add some effects to your existing site

You have a site but want to jazz it up a bit or freshen it up ?


We often do work where we add some new effects to an existing site. These can be spot effects - like converting a page of products and services - with a cluttered feel. The customers perhaps have to scroll the page up and down to see all the options.

We might convert this into as smooth scrolling carousel or horizontal slider - so people can see the options and choices easily and without the need to scroll anything.

There are a lot of recent techniques aimed at getting more content into a smaller section of the webpage and this avoiding the need for a customer to have to move around pages to find what they need.

If some of these ideas interest you and you think your site could benefit from them, then please give us a call and chat to one of our designers about your site and ideas.

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