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Should you be selling online ?

Could or should your company be selling online?

These days anyone can sell anything on the web, sites such as Ebay and Amazon make it easy to list your products in an almost endless catalogue of similar items.

However, to sell effectively it takes more than just this "shotgun" approach to marketing and display. Your products require showcasing with style and verve, to ensure that they stand out from the crowd.

Our simple and elegant layouts, encourage the customer to quickly choose and then purchase the right items. This selection is aided by menus and pictures which allow customers to adjust such things as; colour, size, model, texture, flavour and quantity. This avoids confusing customers with overcrowded pages and the need for too many clicks. ?

With all the features you would expect from top of the range e-commerce solutions, including; secure purchases, fraud protection, payment via credit and debit cards, shopping carts, bespoke layouts and contents which fully integrate with Google and other major search engines. Online shopping is growing all the time with the added growth from the increasingly popular smart phones and tablets. As a retailer moving into this sector – you need a trusted partner to maximise your sales and avoid costly errors.

Investing in the future of your business

Setting up an online shop is a major investment in time and the future of your business. Its important to get the foundation right as trying to switch things downstream is costly and time consuming..

Landis Media are here to guide you through these key decisions with sound, trusted advice. We will then help setup your eSHOP, payment services, stock control, reports and get everything running smoothly. Once you are happy things are ticking over - we can then help you to drive up sales and increase the customer base - using the best SEO strategies.

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